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Human Resources

Staffing Methodology
Sharper Staff’s recruiting approach is based on achieving the dual objectives of speed and quality. With more than a decade of providing top-of-the-line staffing services, Sharper Staff has developed a 10-step process to ensure we meet your goals:
  • Understand the job requirements thoroughly.
  • Perform a preliminary research on availability, market conditions, search strategy, etc.
  • Get buy-in of the strategy and discuss service level agreement.
  • Execute the search strategy by leveraging our internal pipeline of candidates and searching externally.
  • Sell the job opportunity to candidates and get them excited about the short-term and long-term advantages of working with Sharper Staff’s clients and on the specific assignment.
  • Screen candidates using relevant tests and technical interviews to shortlist the top talent.
  • Present qualified and interested candidates to the client.
  • Coordinate phone screens, webcam and/or face-to-face interviews.
  • Conduct background check and drug test, check references and make the offer.
  • Confirm Acceptance and Start Candidate at Customer.
One of the hallmarks of the Sharper Staff approach is its proactive nature. We constantly analyze our clients' requirements and work behind the scenes to develop a pipeline of highly talented resources that can be presented as soon as you have a need.

At Sharper Staff, undiluted focus is on the swift delivery of state-of-the-art mission-critical business services. Always professional, the recruiting and delivery team adheres to the most stringent quality norms while delivering a complete, best-of-breed solution. In-depth recruiting and domain expertise has been garnered in different industry verticals like Insurance, Telecom, Healthcare, Life Sciences and Financial Services sectors and put to optimum use.

Our approach includes application of tried and tested recruiting methodologies, strict adherence to established testing standards and incorporating best practices in our recruiting management capabilities thereby ensuring sustainable quality. More importantly, Sharper Staff has developed a proprietary project management software and quality assurance process that is strictly adhered to during personnel recruitment.

At Sharper Staff you come first and helping you succeed is our only goal.
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