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Our Team
Sharper Staff team is characterized by a uniquely strong combination of knowledge and experience. Our team members have vast global experience and proven track records with global companies and industry leaders. Our Management drives the vision, the strategic direction, and the shareholder-value focus that the company believes in. Our Board of Directors are drawn from various industries and bring to the company a wealth of experience and an unceasing flow of ideas to help us identify client needs and new areas of business and industry growth.

Sharper Staff's executive management staff provides the experience and tactical excellence that are needed to achieve our aggressive goals of satisfying client requirements both today and in the future. A dedicated Sharper Staff Account Manager looks after each of our customers to ensure that we rapidly respond to all requirements, questions and issues raised. Specific needs are delivered to our customers by specialist teams headed by experienced Project Managers, who work in partnership with the customer to provide the right solution for that customer.

Sharper Staff's employees (our world-class professionals) are the cream of the talent crop, brought in from some of the world's best universities, institutions and companies. We honor their skills through a series of intensive training programs and exposure to the most cutting-edge technologies and tools. Our team brings a vast array of backgrounds, perspectives, and skills to our ongoing effort to provide "best-in-class" solutions for our clients. Every one at Sharper Staff is dedicated to the company and to providing quality work for clients. The Sharper Staff Team is organized into strong, cohesive teams under contemporary project management. Many of our employees are Industry-certified. Almost all of them hold higher education degrees. Most of our team members have Masters Degrees with many years of experience, acquired across a wide variety of industry disciplines. Lots of our developers constantly hold top positions in ratings and certifications. Some of our consultants and analysts are experienced technocrats from research institutes and universities.

The Sharper Staff Team is highly motivated because Sharper Staff provides them with all the tools they need in an environment conducive to their individual successes. Employees give regular input on various technical arenas. At Sharper Staff, the team is encouraged to become what they want to be within the organization. Our team is united by the same idea - customer satisfaction through high-quality and timely delivery. Sharper Staff's atmospheres is relaxed and professional, with informal information sharing, close and frequent contacts between teams that facilitate active problem solving and progressive solutions.

At Sharper Staff we are not all work, we work hard and then play hard, with our regular recreational opportunities to grow even closer, an important factor in improving teamwork within the different groups of the company.
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