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Application Development and Maintenance
Sharper Staff handles all software application development and consultancy activities including custom application development or application migration/application porting. We use appropriate software development platforms and in-house and external software application development tools. We also use the latest project management techniques and software engineering practices such as XP (Extreme Programming) to give our clients the latest software application development services.

In addition, Sharper Staff employs experienced recruiters in 6 states across the U.S. and India. After the U.S., India has the world’s second largest pool of English-speaking technical resources. Our practice specialists train in our own technology laboratories; are experts in several technologies, tools and applications and are certified by leading technology vendors with at least 10 years of industry expertise.

As a result of this “hybrid” service model, Sharper Staff offers clients these important benefits:
  • Reduced fixed and variable costs: Typically, offshore development costs 30% to 60% less than local development. Clients also enjoy lower costs of local training, human resources, recruiting and administration.
  • 24/7 development and support: Greater speed to market, increased responsiveness and improved customer satisfaction are goals we share with our clients.
  • Broader access to talent: Offshore providers recruit highly educated staff and invest significantly in training.
  • Focus on core competencies: Shifting nonstrategic areas of business offshore clarifies core businesses and makes scarce resources more available.
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